Voksi Subject, CPY Back, Crack A New Denuvo Released!

A fight between the hijackers and the team’s current best security systems – Denuvo is indeed central heats up. So the heat until there are so many incidents that arise during these three days, regardless of the domination which had made many hackers team fell silent for at least half of this past year. A sense of happy gamers pirated all over the world to how to bypass offered Voksi unfortunately does not last long. Three days since it was announced to the public and managed to penetrate almost all Denuvo based games on Steam, it was finally patched the hole quickly. In the middle period of mourning over pirated gamer “killed” her Voksi, suddenly a new hope emerged for pirated PC game scene. The hero that has long disappeared, it is finally back!

It is true, almost all gamers seem to know whom it pirated CPY games. When first introduced Denuvo and dominate as it currently is, CPY was the one who first threw the crack security systems for this one. In his hand, games like Lords of the Fallen and Battlefield Hardline fell to pirated world. Disappearing for a long time, now carries the flag of the CPY name Conspiracy in it suddenly rose from the ashes of the abandoned Voksi disappointment. No longer just a bypass, it really brought down the Denuvo with a crack.

Absolutely right, unlike other methods as long as it is not designed to deal with Denuvo directly and find ways of effective bypass, crack the latest released CPY serves as pirated games crack that you know. A crack that enable this Denuvo based games played without using Steam and offline. Crack measuring no more than tens of KB was released directly by the CPY for Rise of the Tomb Raider and has been confirmed to work with no problems. But it is still not clear whether the same crack method will work for any other Denuvo game or not.

CPY itself is still not open the mouth of whether he will continue to throw Denuvo based games crack for others or indeed the Rise of the Tomb Raider ends so special case allowing direct crack method like this could work. Denuvo himself also has still not reacted related news on this one.

Whether the CPY will encourage Denuvo to push a new iteration to the security system and start over all cycles of the fight are there? CPY or present to prove who actually deserves to bear the title as the King? We just wait for action both next!


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